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January 15, 2016
PRA No. 2016/15139
Recall No. REC-001236
Campaign No. SRC16-01
Date published: 15 Jan 2016

Product Description

DL1000 K8-L2
GSX1300BK K8-L0
GSX1300R K8-L2
GSX-R600 K8-L0
GSX-R750 K8-L0
SFV650 K9-L2
VLR1800 K8-L1
VZ1500 K9 & L0

Identifying features

Various VINs (Vehicle identification number) see  SRC16-1

What are the defects?

The regulator/rectifier power module circuit board may have absorbed moisture during storage in highly humid conditions. This may have reduced the strength of the adhesive used to affix the circuit board to the aluminium case. The heat generated from the power module can cause the power module to lift from the case.

What are the hazards?

This condition can cause excessive heat on the module, which can result in insufficient charge current being provided to the battery. This may cause discharging of the battery and can lead to engine stalling or non start condition. This may pose a hazard to the rider or other road users.

What should consumers do?

The motorcycle should be taken to an authorised Suzuki dealer for inspection and the counter measure parts to be fitted.

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