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Suzuki Australia —GSX-R600, GSXR750, GSF650, GSF1250, GSX650F, GSX1300BK Motorcycles

May 11, 2011
PRA No. 2011/12567
Date published: 11 May 2011

Product Description

All 2008-2009 Models with the following model numbers: GSX-R600, GSXR750, GSF650, GSF1250, GSX650F, GSX1300BK.

Identifying features

Campaign Number: SRC11-02
Target Number: 8795

What are the defects?

Some regulator/rectifier assemblies were produced with insufficient adhesion between the power module and the rectifier case. Due to the insufficient adhesion, heat generated from the power module can cause the power module to lift from the case. This condition can cause excessive heat on the module which can result in insufficient charge current being provided to the battery.

What are the hazards?

If problem occurs it may cause discharging of the battery and can lead to engine stalling or non-start condition.

What should consumers do?

Letters have been sent out to customers in relation this recall.

For any concerns or queries please contact Suzuki Customer Care line on 03 9931 5500.

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