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Suzuki Australia —GSX-R1000 Motorcycle

May 28, 2012
PRA No. 2012/13148
Date published: 28 May 2012
Campaign number: SRC12-02

Product Description

GSX-R1000 K9/L0/ZL0/L1 motorcycle

Identifying features

VIN Range: JS1CY111200100002 – JS1CY111200101302

What are the defects?

Suzuki Motor Corporation has identified that securing bolts of the side stand switch body may loosen due to temperature expansion and contraction which results in the reduction in the tension applied to the side stand switch. Should the side stand switch bolts loose tension, the switch operation cannot be assured which may result in the engine stopping when engaging a gear other then neutral.

What are the hazards?

Should the side stand switch dislodge, loss of engine power will occur and result in the inability for the engine to operate in gears other than neutral. The operator may experience a reduction in vehicle control due to the loss of engine power.

What should consumers do?

Present the motorcycle to an Authorised Suzuki Motorcycle dealer for rectification.

For any concerns or queries please contact Suzuki Customer Care line on 03 9931 5500.

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