Modern Day Classic Café Racer

If you’re looking to get out on the road on a sporty bike with café racer styling, look no further than Suzuki’s SV650X. With it's smooth-revving V-Twin engine tucked into a slim and lightweight trellis frame, the SV650X combines power and agility with classic café racer looks.

Wherever you pull up and park, the retro appeal of the SV650X is eye-catching with its stylish slotted headlight cowling, tuck N' roll seat and blacked-out rider and pillion footrests. 

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Key Features

  • Suzuki V-Twin Technology
    Suzuki V-Twin Technology

    The Suzuki V-twin engine is a marvel of engineering and superb versatility. While at lower RPMs, this engine delivers powerful torque that’s easy to handle and a deep throaty sound. Open the throttle to the mid-range, and the power of the engine responds linearly and smoothly, yet always under your control. Finally at higher RPMs, the V- twin cruises with performance ready to go, even at higher gears. The full-powered version punches out an impressive 56.0kW @8,500rpm with 64Nm of torque @8,100rpm.

  • Pistons and Rings
    Pistons and Rings

    In order to further improve overall fuel efficiency and emissions control, the V-Twin engine adopts two innovations: resin coating on the piston skirt for minimised friction between the cylinder and piston, and a special L-shaped piston ring for enhanced sealing performance and blow-by gas reduction.

  • Dual Spark Technology
    Dual Spark Technology

    Suzuki’s Dual Spark Technology, unique in this class, utilises two spark plugs per cylinder for precise ignition. Combined with the newly adopted high-ignition nickel spark plugs, it contributes to increased combustion efficiency, smoother power delivery, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.

  • Front Preload Adjuster
    Front Preload Adjuster

    Front forks are equipped with a new Preload Adjuster, allowing you to set suspension firmness for exactly the way you want to ride.

  • Stylish Slotted Headlight Cowling
    Stylish Slotted Headlight Cowling

    The round multi-reflector headlight is equipped with a stylish headlight cowling. Slots in the headlight sides are reminiscent of heritage racers, accentuating the SV650X’s personality.

  • Clip-on Handlebars
    Clip-on Handlebars

    Clip-on handlebars encourage a sporty riding position, and hark back to the days of the original café racers.

  • Retro-styled Fuel Tank
    Retro-styled Fuel Tank

    The tank’s emblem has been changed from the signature “S” mark to the SUZUKI logo. The design has a definite retro look. Additionally, the tank capacity has been increased from 13.8L to 14.5L. Combined with the SV650X’s excellent fuel efficiency, this substantially extends your riding range.

  • Tuck N' Roll Seat
    Tuck N' Roll Seat

    The narrow, streamlined seat exudes retro looks and feel. The seat has soft cushioning, helping reduce rider fatigue, even in a sporty riding position.

  • Trick LCD Instrument Panel
    Trick LCD Instrument Panel

    A multifunction LCD instrument panel displays gear position, digital speedometer, tachometer, as well as indicators for odometer, trip meter, average/instantaneous fuel consumption, driving range, clock, water temperature gauge and fuel gauge. Backlight is adjustable in six levels of brightness and can be set to your preference.

  • Performance brakes
    Performance brakes

    Large 290mm dual front disc brakes with ABS and 240mm rear brake disc provide incredible stopping performance and control. Compact and lightweight, the SV650 introduces state-of-the-art ABS technology manufactured by Nissin, thus making it possible to further reduce vehicle weight without sacrificing performance. ABS control unit monitors wheel revolutions at 50 times per revolution and uses over 100 separate sensor data criteria in order to deliver a high degree of braking and stabilisation control. Stopping distance performance is maintained relatively the same across various road conditions. 

  • Low RPM Assist
    Low RPM Assist

    By adopting the new Low RPM assist system, the concern of an unexpected engine stall has been relieved. This system will automatically raise the idle speed when releasing the clutch or when riding at low rpms, assisting frequent clutch work in congested town rides and preventing sudden engine stall sometimes known to happen when running large capacity twins in the low rpm range.

  • Suzuki Easy Start System
    Suzuki Easy Start System

    The Suzuki Easy Start System lets the rider start the motorcycle with a momentary press of the start switch without pulling in the clutch lever when the transmission is in neutral.

  • SV650X Media Reviewed
    SV650X Media Reviewed

    See what the motorcycle media had to say about the latest incarnation of the iconic SV line. 

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