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GSX-S for the Newcomer

Meet the new lightweight king of the streets, the Suzuki GSX-S125. It has the best power-to-weight ratio and acceleration in the 125cm3 naked class, plus nimble handling and great fuel economy. It also has exciting, modern, innovative bodywork, with traditional handlebars and a low seat height for a comfortable ride. Along with a multi-function LCD instrument and vertically stacked LED headlights in a stylish cowl. It is a dependable, comfortable, nimble motorcycle that also delivers genuine Suzuki high-performance. It is made to handle city traffic jams while commuting to school or work during the week. And it is also an exciting motorcycle ready for fun rides into the countryside—or even a track ride—on weekends. The GSX-S125 is a motorcycle that’s easy to ride. And it is easy to be proud of, with a genuine
supersport engine and the latest technology, plus high-quality fit and finish, and beautiful paint and graphics

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Key Features

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    The Science of Engine Design

    There is a science to building high-performance engines, and the GSX-S125’s DOHC engine could be used in a university textbook as an example of how to make a lot of power out of a very efficient and compact powerplant. The engine makes high horsepower for its size and produces generous torque, delivering strong, effective power across a broad rpm range. 

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    Advanced Electronic Fuel Injection

    The GSX-S125 features advanced electronic fuel injection, which delivers fuel based on what the rider is doing with the throttle as well as input from sensors monitoring engine rpm, intake air pressure and temperature, exhaust oxygen content and coolant temperature.

  • Modern Backbone Frame and Chassis
    Modern Backbone Frame and Chassis

    The GSX-S125’s confidence-inspiring stability on the freeway, nimble handling in corners, and easy maneuverability through traffic starts with a modern chassis. A steel-tube backbone frame combines optimal torsional rigidity with light weight. 

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    High Performance Exhaust System

    The high-performance exhaust system includes a dual-exit muffler. A catalytic converter helps the GSX-S125 meet the Euro4 emission standards, letting everyone breathe a little easier.

  • LED Lighting
    LED Lighting

    Reflecting its GSX-S heritage, the GSX-S125 features vertically stacked LED headlights, with the low beam above the high beam, and position lights on each side of the headlight. LED headlights are bright and compact, lighter and longer lasting compared to conventional halogen-bulb headlights as seen on competitors. Because LED headlights use about 15% of the electrical power required by conventional bulbs, less engine power is needed to run the motorcycle’s alternator, improving acceleration and fuel economy. The LED license plate light on the rear fender is compact and lightweight and much more durable and vibration resistant than a conventional bulb light. 

  • Multi-Function, Full LCD Instrument Cluster
    Multi-Function, Full LCD Instrument Cluster

    The Suzuki GSX-S125 has a full LCD instrument panel set in a modern dashboard, framed by turn signal, neutral, hi-beam, coolant temperature, malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), ABS, and programmable engine-RPM indicator lights. The bright LCD panel includes a segmented-bar tachometer across the top; a digital speedometer; a gear position indicator; a digital clock; a digital odometer with dual trip meters; an average fuel consumption meter; a fuel gauge; and an oil change timing indicator.

  • Suzuki Easy Start System with Shutter-Key Lock
    Suzuki Easy Start System with Shutter-Key Lock

    The GSX-S125 features a convenient easy start ignition system with a shutter-key lock system. The key fob carries a unique, random magnetic code pattern which opens the shutter when the fob is lined up and pushed into a receiver on the ignition lock cover, and the ignition key can then be inserted into the lock and the ignition turned on. Once the key is inserted into the shutter-key ignition lock and turned to the running position, the system automatically starts the engine with one touch of a button mounted on the handlebar; there is no need to hold the starter button down until the engine fires. The shutter can be easily closed by pushing a button once the ignition is turned off and the key has been removed.

  • 10-Spoke Wheels, Dunlop Tyres, and Lightweight ABS with Petal Discs
    10-Spoke Wheels, Dunlop Tyres, and Lightweight ABS with Petal Discs

    The GSX-S125’s lightweight, sporty 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels carry Dunlop D102 tyres. The Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is the latest Bosch ABS 10 base unit, which is the lightest and most compact two-channel ABS system on the market. The pro-active system monitors wheel speed and immediately intervenes when imminent wheel lock is detected-before actual lock-up. The compact ABS system as installed on the GSX-R125 weighs just 0.59 kilograms. The sporty-looking petal-design 290mm front disc works with a dual-piston caliper and the 187mm petal-design rear disc works with a singlepiston caliper, both delivering excellent braking performance.

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