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Born on the racetrack and raised on the street, the GSX-S1000 is derived from the legendary, championship-winning GSX-R1000.

The GSX-S lineup carries the spirit of the Suzuki GSX-R to the street, with shared technology and performance packaged into a chassis designed specifically for street riding comfort.

Long Stroke 999cc Engine

The long-stroke engine that owned the racetrack is now tuned for the streets.

Tuned for a fatter, meaner & meatier bottom to mid-range, while still producing a stonking top-end.

The 999cc In-line, 4-cylinder engine boasts 110kW (150hp) with 108Nm of torque.

It is everything you are looking for on the road and then some.

State-of-the-art technology provides ultimate efficiency, combined with it’s addictive induction noise, making every ride, a sheer exciting one.

Three-mode traction control system

Suzuki’s advanced traction control system lets the rider control the throttle with more confidence in diverse conditions, so it makes sport riding more enjoyable and less tiring.

The system checks the front and rear wheel speeds, the throttle position sensor, the crank position sensor, and the gear position sensor 250 times a second.

It quickly reduces engine output by effecting control over the ignition timing whenever it detects wheelspin.

The system’s control over engine output feels so smooth and natural, it does not detract from riding pleasure.

The rider can set the system to any of three modes or turn it off. The modes differ in terms of sensitivity. Mode one is for sport riding with minimal intervention from the system. Mode three gives maximal traction control for riding in poor conditions. Mode two offers a balance that is ideal for typical road conditions.

A chassis engineered for real-world enjoyment

Suzuki designed the aluminium chassis in a compact, lightweight package that makes the GSX-S1000 agile and fun to ride.

Every aspect of the chassis reflects a focus on great handling and control in real-world conditions from city streets to twisty high country roads.

The main frame helps to ensure nimble handling and great road holding.

The main tubes are straight from the steering head to the swingarm pivot.

Their shape is ideal for achieving high rigidity with low weight. Suzuki used finite-element-analysis techniques to make the frame even lighter than that of the previous GSX-R1000.

The sturdy aluminium-alloy swingarm is inherited straight from previous generation GSX-R1000. It is ruggedly braced  ensuring great roadholding together with superbike looks.

  • Front Suspension

    KYB Front Fork

    43mm KYB inverted front forks give a ride that is sporty yet plush. Featuring fully adjustable rebound and compression damping as well as adjustable spring preload.

  • Rear Suspension

    KYB Rear Shock

    A single KYB rear shock features adjustable spring preload and rebound damping.

  • Front Brakes

    Brembo monobloc calipers

    The radial-mount Brembo monobloc calipers as the same as found on the GSX-R1000R and KATANA, each caliper has four opposed 32mm pistons matched to a 310mm floating disc for strong stopping power.

  • Clutch

    Back-torque-limiting clutch

    Back-torque-limiting clutch contributes to even smoother downshifting and corner entry

  • Anti-lock Brake System

    Lightweight ABS

    An lightweight anti-lock brake system helps the rider stay in directional control even during hard braking. It monitors the wheel speeds 50 times per wheel rotation and matches stopping power to the available traction.

  • Handlebars

    Renthal Fatbar

    Top-shelf black aluminium Renthal Fatbar handlebars are standard equipment on the GSX-S1000.

  • Headlight

    Naked Aggression

    Designed to look wild, rugged, and aggressive — and to keep the rider comfortable at all times. A combination of black plastic and painted parts along with LED position lights emphasises the bike’s assertive, sporty personality.


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  • Displacement

  • Engine

    In-line four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC
  • Transmission

    6-Speed constant mesh with back-torque-limiting clutch
  • Front Suspension

    43mm KYB inverted forks with adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload
  • Rear Suspension

    Link type, KYB shock with adjustable rebound damping and spring preload
  • Front Brakes

    Brembo Monobloc Radial-mount 4-piston calipers, dual 310mm floating discs with ABS
  • Rear Brakes

    Nissin single-piston caliper, 220mm disc with ABS
  • Length

  • Width

  • Height

  • Wheelbase

  • Seat Height

  • Fuel Capacity

  • Wet Weight

  • Warranty

    2 Year Unlimited Kilometre
  • Model Code

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