Burgman 400

AN400AL8 Action 6

The Elegant Athlete

You want to look your best, whether commuting to work or enjoying a ride with a special person on your own time. You want your ride to handle and perform well, while also reflecting your keen sense of style. The BURGMAN 400 delivers on all fronts. It’s ready to turn heads on the streets. It’s equipped to carry you wherever you want to go, and to do it in style. It’s the Elegant Athlete.

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Key Features

  • AN400AL8 Action 4
    Svelte sophistication

    Like a top athlete in peak form, the BURGMAN 400 is lean, toned and ready to perform optimally, even on narrow, twisty, or congested streets. Not only are its front and rear end slimmer, sharper and sexier than ever, this BURGMAN remains true to its family name by offering fine style that will turn as many heads out front of the office as it will in front of your favourite café or out on the road.

  • AN400AL8 Detail LED Headlights
    Elegant and efficient LED headlight design

    The slim, elegant styling of the new nose features sharply styled dual LED headlights with integrated LED position lights and turn signals mounted beneath. The overall effect creates a cleaner and lighter looking front end that is instantly recognizable as belonging to the BURGMAN family.

  • AN400AL8 Detail LED Taillight
    LED rear combination lamps

    The slim new rear of the BURGMAN 400 features independentLED rear combination lamps with the turn signals at their tips. It’s a sharply sculpted design that expresses elegance and agility.

  • AN400AL8 Detail Instrument Panel
    Riding smarter

    Large, easy-to-read analogue speedometer and tachometer dials flank a digital display that shows an odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, coolant temperature indicator, average fuel consumption meter, ambient temperature indicator, freeze indicator and clock. Also included is Suzuki’s Eco Drive Indicator, which come on when the vehicle is operated in a fuel-efficient manner and may help riders learn techniques to better economise on fuel.

  • Light, lean and lavishly appointed
    Light, lean and lavishly appointed

    The new BURGMAN 400 makes no compromises on elegant styling, even while shedding weight over its predecessor. From the sharp, lean lines of it new nose to the slim new rear end, this BURGMAN clearly personifies fine craftsmanship, technological prowess and dedication to quality.

  • AN400AL8 Detail Engine
    Powerful DOHC 4-valve engine

    At the heart of the new BURGMAN 400’s polished performance is an updated version of its powerful 399cm3 four-stroke, DOHC, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine. Changes including the new air cleaner box help produce greater low-to-midrange torque for instant response and more powerful acceleration when riding in stop-and-go traffic, while also providing more powerful performance when riding tandem. Suzuki’s Automatic Idle Speed Control (ISC) continues to ensure optimal idling.

  • Iridium spark plug
    Iridium spark plug

    The engine employs an iridium spark plug that contributes to higher combustion efficiency, greater power output, more linear throttle response and easier engine starts.

  • AN400AL8 Action 5
    Superior fuel economy and riding range

    Despite the increase in low-to-midrange torque production, the efficiency of the new engine, including the introduction of an iridium spark plug, combines with reduction in weight to realise improved fuel economy and extends the BURGMAN 400’s riding range.

  • AN400AL8 Action 1
    Stop on a dime

    The new BURGMAN 400 is equipped with a powerful braking system worthy of a sporty scooter. The front wheel carries a pair of 260mm disc brakes, while stopping power in the rear is provided by a 210mm disc brake. An Antilock Brake System (ABS) monitors wheel speed and matches stopping power to available traction to provide greater confidence and control. The system adopts a new compact and lightweight ABS control unit that reduces weight by approximately 750g over the previous model.

  • AN400AL8 Detail Front Wheel
    Larger 15-inch front wheel

    The new BURGMAN 400 replaces the 14-inch wheel of its predecessor and introduces a larger 15-inch wheel in the front. The change brings a bold new image with it and a look of stability that can instil greater confidence in the rider.

  • Luxurious ride and handling
    Luxurious ride and handling

    The new BURGMAN 400’s underbone frame is built from large-diameter, thin-wall tubes that deliver the light weight and rigidity required for great handling. Complementing this frame in realising a stable, relaxing and nimble ride are 41mm front forks with a generous 110mm of wheel travel. In addition, the link-type monoshock rear suspension with 7-way adjustable spring preload helps maximise the balance between comfort and sporty performance by providing a softer ride on relatively smooth roads and solid traction on cobblestone streets. Exceptional handling and manoeuvrability are the result.

  • Your protective window on the world
    Your protective window on the world

    The new upswept windscreen creates a cleaner, more compact look from the front or sides. At the same time, it matches its predecessor in delivering optimum wind protection for rider comfort, as well as a clear view of the road.

  • AN400AL8 Detail Seat
    Sit in the lap of luxury

    The stepped dual seat offers luxurious comfort for rider and passenger alike by combining a cushion that is 20mm thicker and a shape that is slimmer than on the current model. Double stitching adds a distinctively fashionable accent.

  • Adjustable backrest
    Adjustable backrest

    The rider’s backrest can be adjusted 15mm or 30mm forward to provide optimal support and comfort for riders of various builds on longer outings.

  • AN400AL8 Ditail Under Seat Storage
    Rich underseat storage space

    The spacious 42-litre underseat storage compartment can hold two helmets and provides ample room for stowing your gear.

  • Sure footedness includes the rider’s footing
    Sure footedness includes the rider’s footing

    Cut-away footboards make it easier to plant your feet on the ground when stopping without any of the uncomfortable stretching that comes with stop-start leg movement.

  • AN400AL8 Detail front Storage
    Opulent front storage

    Two front compartments provide 3.5 litres of storage space on the right side and 2.8 litres on the left side for maps and other items.

  • Bringing more power to the rider
    Bringing more power to the rider

    The right storage bay has a 12V DC outlet for charging your mobile phone or other electronic devices.

  • AN400AL8 Detail Brake Lock Lever
    Rear brake lock system

    Located on the same side as the ignition key, the easy-to-operate brake lock lever applies a lock system that acts on the rear brake when parked. The rear brake lock system can prove useful when parking on a slope.

  • Chain lock gate
    Chain lock gate

    The chain lock gate allows you to pass a chain lock through the bodywork, around the frame, and then around a pole or other immovable object.

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