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Boulevard C90

Discover Your Dark Side

Who says riding is only a daytime activity? The 2019 Suzuki Boulevard C90 breathes life into the night with a powerful 1462cc long-stroke, liquid-cooled, V-Twin engine. Sit back on a comfortable seat and strike a relaxed pose behind the wide-grip handlebars while you cruise through the night on this blacked-out masterpiece. Make impressions like no other cruiser with all-black wheels, blacked out forks, and all black exhaust system. Enjoy your favorite pastime after sunset and own the night on a Suzuki Boulevard C90.

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Key Features


    90 cubic-inch (1462cm3) long-stroke V-Twin engine powers the SUZUKI BOULEVARD C90T cruiser. Using features found only in Suzuki motorcycles, this powerplant makes massive torque while also delivering fuel-efficient, usable power. Yes, it’s the most powerful in its class, but it’s more than just muscular. This powerplant delivers the best blend of power, efficiency and torque for comfortable, long-range cruising.

    *1000cm3 to 1600cm3 cruiser class

  • Classic Chassis, Modern Feel
    Classic Chassis, Modern Feel

    A steel-tube frame carries on the classic cruiser tradition, while also comfortably carrying the rider and confidently housing the powerful engine. Too much to ask? No, actually, it’s not. Design engineers married the desire for time-honored appeal with the need for modern performance. The result is a traditionally styled cruiser featuring a rider triangle – footboards, handlebars, seat position – that delivers classic control with outstanding comfort. Fat tires are mounted on sleek styled wheels.
    A large fuel tank makes a slim connection to the comfortable leather saddle. The long angled rear fender features a bright LED taillight. It’s all classically modern.

  • Seating comfort and control
    Seating comfort and control

    More than just a comfy perch, the seats – both rider and passenger – on this Suzuki Boulevard are made for long-range comfort and top-notch control. Engineers shaped the seat to allow a rider freedom of movement, not locking them into one position. The seat shape also accommodates riders of different sizes to reach the handlebars and footboards in comfort. They thoughtfully chose the seat cushioning for rider and passenger to provide long-distance comfort and support.

  • Smart Cruiser
    Smart Cruiser

    Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) induction system is enhanced by the 32-bit engine control unit that instantly delivers the optimum fuel-air mixture and power output. The system – it’s the same design used in Suzuki championship-winning GSX-R sportbikes – delivers seamless throttle response while boosting fuel efficiency and delivering strong torque.

  • Blacked-out exhaust system, engine cover, frame, and suspension.
  • Each aluminium-alloy cylinder is plated with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM), a coating of nickel-phosphorus-silicon-carbide that reduces friction and increases heat transfer. The result is increased durability and ring seal. Each piston’s upper compression ring and oil control ring are given a chrome-nitride coating to make them harder and smoother to further reduce friction.
  • Dual spark plugs for each cylinder contribute combustion and fuel efficiency.
  • To further reduce mechanical noise, each cylinder head’s cam cover is separated from the cam bearing caps, and a rubber gasket is used between the cylinder head and the cam cover.
  • An automatic Idle Speed Control (ISC) system improves cold starting and stabilizes engine idle under varying conditions.
  • To maximise air induction for best power and torque, the C90 features a unique system that uses three separate air-cleaner boxes feeding the engine. This air induction system increases engine output without sacrificing style or fuel-tank capacity.
  • The Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) reduces the force needed to pull in the clutch lever so clutch operation remains light. The system produces smooth downshifts by reducing pressure on the clutch plates under deceleration.
  • Low maintenance shaft drive delivers efficient power delivery.
  • Wide 130/80-17 front and dominant 200/60-16 rear tyre are mounted on custom-styled seven spoke cast aluminium wheels
  • A link-type rear suspension utilises an oil-damped, coil-over shock to produce a smooth, ground-hugging ride. It’s tucked into the frame well to help keep the ride low, resulting in a Classic hard-tail style appearance.
  • A large 18 litre fuel tank delivers long riding range for far fewer fuel stops.
  • Easy to see atop the fuel tank, the Boulevard C90 features a multi-function instrument package highlighted by a large analogue speedometer. The package includes a convenient gear-position indicator and a fuel gauge, along with a clock and a trip meter, plus indicator lights for low fuel, turn signals and more. It delivers a level of instrumentation that is not often found on classically style cruisers.
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