KingQuad 750AXi

4x4 Power Steering SE

KingQuad 750AXi 4x4 Power Steering SE

Same Great ATV in Special Edition Trim

The MY19 KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition is not just a new ATV, it’s a new KingQuad ATV from Suzuki, the inventor of the 4-wheel ATV back in 1983. The Special Edition model features new edgy and dynamic bodywork in an exclusive Snow White colour scheme and cast aluminium wheels shod with 25-inch Carlisle tyres. 

Revisions for MY19 include updates to the fuel-injected engine and the Quadmatic™ transmission help the KingQuad take-off from a standstil stronger and smoother than ever before. The updated, stronger frame, helps the KingQuad 750AXi tackle just about any riding terrain while being able to help you with any chore thanks to a boosted 600kg towing capacity. Steering has never been easier with a new, higher output Electronic Power Steering system and recalibrated front end geometry. The fully-independent suspension is fitted with new, gas-charged shock absorbers that feature 5-way pre-load adjustment to match the spring rate to the cargo load. 

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Key Features

  • Solid, Edge & Dynamic Styling Design in Exclusive Snow White Scheme
    Solid, Edge & Dynamic Styling Design in Exclusive Snow White Scheme

    The all new bodywork and styling featuring sharper lines with well-defined angles. The Special Edition model boasts an exclusive Snow White colour scheme. The high-clearance fenders offer great protection for the rider from flying debris. Australian-spec KingQuad ATVs also come standard with overfenders for extra protection. The refined panels simplify maintenance needs, such as checking oil level, fuel filter and air filter servicing. 

  • 600kg Towing Capacity & Receiver Type Trailer Hitch
    600kg Towing Capacity & Receiver Type Trailer Hitch

    Towing capacity has been increased by 33% from 450kg to 600kg. Additionally the trailer hitch mount has been changed from a plate type to a receiver type allowing customers to easily change hitch and ball types when required. 

  • Nitrogen Charged Shock Absorbers
    Nitrogen Charged Shock Absorbers

    Ride quality and manoeuvrability especially over rough terrain has been improved with the addition of nitrogen charged shock absorbers, featuring 5-way spring preload adjustment all round. The independent double A-arm front suspension features 170mm of wheel travel whilst up back the fully independent, A-arm/I-beam features 195mm of wheel travel.

  • Sealed multi-plate rear brake
    Sealed multi-plate rear brake

    Dual front hydraulic disc brakes with large 200mm discs and lightweight calipers provide maximum brake pad surface area for increased stopping power and outstanding durability. Working together with a sealed multi-plate rear brake system, with a clutch-type design, provides high durability, offers reduced unsprung weight, and is almost maintenance free. Its sealed design ensures strong, effective braking over nearly any kind of terrain or conditions.

  • Updated, Stronger frame
    Updated, Stronger frame

    The thickness of the main frame tubes have been increased by 25% from 1.6mm thick to 2.0mm thick resulting in increased frame rigidity. The mounting points for the suspension and final drive brackets have also been reinforced over the previous generation. 

  • Updated Rear Stabiliser Bar
    Updated Rear Stabiliser Bar

    The rigidity of the rear stabiliser bar has been increased and a softer material has been used for the bushes to dampen vibration and improve ride compliance, comfort and handling.  

  • Upgraded Power Steering System
    Upgraded Power Steering System

    The revised Power Steering System now features a higher capacity motor (from 160W to 220W) and new alignment settings to create a more natural feeling that delivers lower steering effort and a more settled feeling with less kickback to the operator.

  • Simplified Servicing
    Simplified Servicing

    The fuel filter, can now be accessed underneath the seat for servicing without having to remove the rear fender.

  • Quadmatic™ CVT
    Quadmatic™ CVT

    Suzuki's class-leading Quadmatic™ CVT-type automatic transmission provides versatility and convenience with a fender-mounted gate-type shifter for L-H-N-R selection.  The advanced engine-braking system minimises free-wheeling with the throttle off and helps control the vehicle during steep descents.

  • Gate-style lever
    Gate-style lever

    Gate-style drive mode selector lever lets the rider easily and securely select between Low, High, Neutral or Reverse setting. Unlike some of its competitors the KingQuad features In-gear starting ability for user convenience.

  • Push Button 4WD
    Push Button 4WD

    A handlebar-mounted push-button allows easy selection between 2WD, 4WD and differential-lock 4WD. An override button on the left handlebar can be used to override the normal speed limiter when stuck in the mud.

  • Optimised braking
    Optimised braking

    The brake pad material, brake lines, rear brake pedal and lever ratio have all been optimised to result in excellent feedback and stronger overall braking performance. 

  • Handlebar Mounted Headlight
    Handlebar Mounted Headlight

    A 35W handlebar-mounted headlight illuminates the path in the direction the ATV is being steered. Dual 35W headlights (with high and low beam) are also part of the new KingQuad's distinctive bodywork. 

  • Updated Multifunction Instrument Panel
    Updated Multifunction Instrument Panel

    A new, fully redesigned multi-function instrument panel has improved appearance and visibility and now provides service reminders based on running time or kilometres. The instrumentation includes LCD readouts for speedometer, odometer, twin tripmeter, hour meter, clock, fuel level, gear position and drive mode. 

  • LED Taillight
    LED Taillight

    The new LED taillight provides excellent visibility and draws less electrical current and requires less maintenance than a conventional bulb taillight.

  • Over 10 Litres of Storage
    Over 10 Litres of Storage

    The new KingQuad 500AXi & 750AXi models now feature three storage compartments for added convenience.  A new, large 4.0L storage compartment has been added to the centre of the rear of the ATV adjacent to the existing 4.0L compartment on the left hand side. A 2.8L water resistant storage compartment up front features an easy access screw-on cap.

  • Suzuki's Exclusive T-Shaped Seat
    Suzuki's Exclusive T-Shaped Seat

    The Suzuki exclusive T-shaped seat was designed with the rider’s mobility in mind for all-day riding comfort and easier body­weight transition.

  • Roomy Floorboards
    Roomy Floorboards

    The roomy floor boards feature raised motorcycle style foot pegs that allow for increased rider comfort and control. The mudguard and redesigned floorboard offers better resistance to damage during impacts with objects (like logs/branches) and can be easily removed for service or repair.

  • 3 Year Factory Warranty
    3 Year Factory Warranty

    At Suzuki we back our entire range of hard-working Farm ATV products with a full 3 year factory Suzuki warranty. It’s our show of commitment to you. Which shouldn’t be surprising, especially since Suzuki Farm ATVs already come packed with advanced technology and tuned specifically for the tough Australian conditions. 

  • 5 Star ATV Safety
    5 Star ATV Safety

    As a leading manufacturer of ATVs, Suzuki is serious about improving safety outcomes and endorses the official 5 Star Safe ATV User Guide to assist riders to improve their own safety outcomes:

    1. Choose a vehicle which is fit for purpose – for the task and the rider.
    2. Wear a helmet – the most effective safety device.
    3. Rider training – will allow you to fully understand both the ATV’s features and its limitations.
    4. Don’t allow passengers on single seat ATVs, and no kids under 16 on adult size ATVs.
    5. Follow the manufacturer’s guidance and warnings.

  • The powerful 722cc, DOHC, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke engine produces 37.0kW @ 6,000rpm with 67.0Nm of torque @ 5,000rpm and has been refined to deliver increased low-to-mid range torque as well as increased high-rpm power over the previous generation.
  • The engine’s oil pump size and capacity have been increased to increase flow and to supply the new piston oil jet system to increase engine durability.
  • The cylinder and head are canted forward for a low centre of gravity, resulting in reduced engine height and lower seat height. High-mount air intake avoids water and debris.
  • The 4-valve cylinder head features large 36mm intake valves and straight ports for superb cylinder charging efficiency. A sportsbike-derived chain-and-gear camshaft drive system results in a compact cylinder head.
  • A lightweight aluminium cylinder uses SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) coating for excellent heat transfer and ring sealing, resulting in superb combustion chamber efficiency.
  • The engine also features dual balancer shafts for ultra-smooth operation.
  • Suzuki’s Advanced Fuel Injection improves throttle response and fuel efficiency while delivering power consistently across the full rev-range, and improves engine starting in all conditions.
  • High-capacity aluminium radiator with large diameter, thermostatically controlled cooling fan provides stable engine operating temperature.
  • New CVT spring and weight calibration provides smoother and stronger acceleration from stops and matches the engine’s performance to the chassis’ increased towing capacity.
  • Engine braking function has also been improved to boost rider’s confidence and comfort during downhill descents.
  • A compact torque-sensing limited-slip front differential offers potent traction plus light steering. A differential-lock system provides serious 4WD traction.
  • High traction 25-inch CARLISLE tyres are mounted on stylish cast-aluminium wheels.
  • Polyethylene skid plates provide protection with minimal resistance over rocks and rough terrain. Durable plastic guards protect the front and rear half shafts.
  • High-output, 3-phase charging system feeds an 18-amp maintenance-free battery for abundant power for easy starting and accessory use. A sealed 12V accessory outlet is standard.
  • The large 17.5L fuel tank is positioned for a low centre of gravity. It includes a vacuum-operated petcock and a ratchet-style filler cap, which prevents overtightening so it can be easily unscrewed for refilling.
  • The rugged steel-tube cargo racks have wrinkle paint finish for durability and scratch resistance.

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