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Premium Seat



Double-layer cushion construction to help maximize comfort. the seat is constructed from two layers of molded urethane foam that differ in level of firmness. The softer surface layer completely envelopes the firmer lower layer, so the entire seat feels better to the touch and more comfortable to sit on. Marking another Suzuki first, the seat is engineered to let infrared rays penetrate, thereby helping to keep its surface 14% cooler* compared to the original seat from the sun.
Red double-stitching around the upper seam gives the seat a custom handmade look that goes well with all the available body colors and further enhances the sporty
appeal of the GX. The top surface material features a matte “pear grain” finish, chosen for its resemblance to suede, its luxurious texture and the positive grip it provides the rider. The side skin uses a coarse-weave material that has a light, functional look similar to that of sports and outdoor gear. An embroidered GSX-S logo adds a crowning touch to this seat’s premium finish.

GSX-S1000GX M4>


  • GSX-S1000GX (2024)
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