$2,500 Factory Bonus on 2019 RM-Z450

RM-Z450 2019

Motocross is a relentless game, and the technology and training needed for bike and rider to excel are too. Suzuki poured more than 40 years of open-class racebike engineering into the latest generation RM-Z450 to make it the hardest-hitting, sharpest-handling, best-balanced and most rider-friendly production motocrosser in company history. 

  • 49mm Showa Spring Fork
  • Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC)
  • Renthal Aluminium Fatbar handlebars
  • Choice of Australian champion Chad Reed #22.

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Advertised Ride Away price is inclusive of the $2,500 Factory Bonus and includes dealer pre-delivery charges. Available from participating Suzuki Motorcycle dealers during the campaign period. 

Key Features

  • Hooked up
    Hooked up

    In motocross, you’ve got to get instantly hooked up – both out of the gate and off the corners – and also blisteringly fast down the straights. To give riders an even stronger winning balance, the redesigned RM-Z450 engine has more low-end torque, a flatter overall torque curve, faster and yet more controllable throttle response, and more peak power. Inside the airbox, the air-filter aperture is now 30-percent larger for enhanced airflow, and an MXGP-style mudguard helps keep mud and dirt out, contributing to greater engine durability. The outlet tube leading from the airbox to the fuel-injection throttle body is also straighter, reducing intake resistance for increased power across the rev range.

  • Power Everywhere
    Power Everywhere

    The fuel-injector spray path aims fuel upward to hit the throttle butterfly valve directly for improved atomisation. Inside the intake port, the updated shape improves tumble flow of the charge as it enters the cylinder, boosting power at all engine speeds. The intake-port shape is matched to a high-lift intake-cam profile, which further improves intake efficiency and engine output. Inside the combustion chamber, the piston-rib design adds strength and durability to match the engine’s higher output. 

  • Get a Good Start
    Get a Good Start

    Watch any raceday motocross interview, and you’ll invariably hear “get a good start” cited as a must-do proposition. And getting holeshots is exactly what the latest version of the Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) is all about. An integral part of the electronics package on the latest generation RM-Z motocross range, the updated 3-stage S-HAC system assesses throttle position and gear selection, and then adjusts ignition timing to optimise engine output for fast launches. many models have them, ours works.

  • Revised S-HAC
    Revised S-HAC

    The latest version of S-HAC included on the new RM-Z450 gives riders a choice of three settings which can be quickly selected via a handlebar-mounted switch. The “A” mode is programmed for hard surfaces, such as a concrete starting pad, clay or hard-packed dirt where controlling wheelspin is crucial to good starts. For 2018, the “A” mode algorithms are updated to provide even finer control as the throttle is being opened, giving the rider an even better feel for traction in the crucial initial moments of a launch. The “B” mode is for normal dirt conditions. Riders can also select the “Off” setting to retain standard ignition timing.

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