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GSX650F Learner Approved

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A sporty- all-rounder ready to deliver great fun, featuring an ideal balance of fuel-injected sportbike excitement and all-around versatile performance; the ideal companion from Learner to beyond.

This exciting sportsbike offers crisp handling, so you can turn any winding road into a ride to remember. Its liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine is tuned for strong low-end and midrange power, for smooth and easy riding around town.

Whether you're on the back roads or the open highway, you'll appreciate the GSX650F's comfortable design, including a more upright seating position that makes all-day rides a pleasure.


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Key Features

  • Modern 4-cylinder performance
    Modern 4-cylinder performance

    The GSX650F’s efficient fuel-injected engine is packed with race-winning technology developed in Suzuki’s famous GSX-R line. Four cylinders. Liquid cooling. Double overhead camshafts. Four valves per cylinder, set at a narrow 17-degree angle in compact, cleanburning combustion chambers with an 11.5:1 compression ratio. Smooth-acting bucket tappets and a quieter hydraulic cam chain tensioner system. An oversquare bore and stroke of 65.5 x 48.7mm for a racy bore/stroke ratio of 0.744:1 and a full 656cm3 of displacement working through a six-speed transmission to deliver more performance across the entire rev range, from idle to redline.

  • Full Instrumentation
    Full Instrumentation

    The GSX650F’s instrument cluster is anything but basic, with an analog tach and a digital LCD speedometer and odometer display. An LCD fuel gauge, clock, dual trip meters, reserve trip meter and gear position indicator are joined by a GSX-R racing-inspired bright shift light that can be programmed to remind the rider to upshift at any engine speed up to redline. LED indicator lights include neutral, turn-signal and high-beam indicators as well as an oil pressure, coolant temperature and fuel injection system warning.

  • Stop on a dime
    Stop on a dime

    Dual front disc brakes use four-piston Tokico calipers, with two pistons on each side of the caliper, and 310mm floating discs. The rear brake combines a Nissin caliper with a 240mm.

  • Confidence Inspiring Suspension Package
    Confidence Inspiring Suspension Package

    The KYB front forks have 41mm stanchion tubes with adjustable spring preload and a full 130mm of travel. The GSX650F single-shock rear suspension features a KYB shock absorber with adjustable spring preload and rebound damping, working with a progressive linkage between the shock absorber and the rectangular-section swingarm. The linkage delivers softer initial suspension action to respond to small road irregularities, followed by progressively firmer suspension action as wheel travel increases, improving response to larger bumps. Rear wheel travel is 128mm. 

  • The cylinder head achieves a narrow valve angle of 17 degrees intake and exhaust for high intake and exhaust efficiency.
  • Cam profiles are chosen with an emphasis on low-to-mid range power output and help to deliver highly accessible performance that is well suited to an entry level rider.
  • Piston rings are manufactured with ion plating treatment using Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) for a smoother surface, increased durability and reduced friction and reduced oil consumption.
  • Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) coated cylinders deliver high heat dissipation and allow for smaller piston to cylinder clearances.
  • A large capacity exhaust system utilizes a high capacity catalyser and an oxygen sensor to meet strict Euro 3 and Tier 2 emissions requirements while still providing strong performance throughout the rpm range.
  • The GSX650F keeps cool with a high efficiency radiator combined with a 190mm electric cooling fan controlled by the ECM and a high output water pump with a bearing-less design for reduced weight.
  • Six speed transmission works smoothly with a hydraulic clutch for crisp shifting in a variety of riding conditions
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