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A fusion of technology, fuel-injected performance and chiselled styling, the 2016 Suzuki GSR750 is built to turn heads for riders who wish to stand out from the pack.

The Suzuki GSR750 is ideal for cruising the streets or weekend blasts, as it combines a powerful engine and quality components, with strong angular lines across the whole machine.

Developed from the powerplant of the legendary Suzuki GSX-R750, the GSR750 features a 749cc, four-cylinder, fuel-injected DOHC engine resulting in broad powerband with loads of low-end torque and dynamic mid-range power.

Providing impressive stopping power, the GSR750 is fitted with 310mm dual front disc brakes and a 240mm rear disc brake.

A sculpted vented front fender and headlight shell and chiselled aggressive front bodywork complete its head-turning looks. Gold coloured anodized upper tubes on the inverted KYB front forks and exposed 4 into 1 exhaust system highlight the GSR750’s styling.

Take it to the streets on the GSR750.

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Key Features

  • Dynamic Powerplant
    Dynamic Powerplant

    In technical terms, the engine is a liquid-cooled, four-cylinder DOHC four-stroke with a bore and stroke
    of 72 mm x 46 mm and four valves per cylinder. The valves are set at a very narrow included angle,
    allowing the combustion chamber to be very compact, with the intake valves each measuring 27.2 mm in
    diameter and the exhaust valves measuring 22 mm in diameter. The compression ratio is 12.3:1, with
    lightweight cast aluminum-alloy pistons. Those details improve combustion efficiency, and more
    complete combustion is the key to better low-rpm and mid-range response, acceleration and fuel
    mileage, as well as reduced emissions. The engine powers an integrated close-ratio six-speed

  • Tuned for the street
    Tuned for the street

    The changes centered around modified camshaft profiles and revised intake and exhaust tracts. When all the tuning and testing and refining was finished, the result was a unique powerplant well suited for the GSR750 mission, producing strong, nearly linear torque starting at lower-rpm.

  • Function meets style
    Function meets style

    Carefully sculpted bodywork with highlights including a vented front fender, moulded mirrors, chiselled fuel tank, textured tank side panels, and an angular tail section with integrated LED taillight.

  • Balanced chassis
    Balanced chassis

    A unique chassis incorporates the best qualities of a compact tubular girder streetbike frame and a twin-spar sportbike frame, and is built using a combination of D-section and round-section steel tubes for an especially smooth ride. Wheelbase is 1,450 mm with 25°15' of rake and 102 mm of trail, again contributing to a comfortable ride. The black frame is slim and narrow in the mid-section (where the seat meets the fuel tank), making it more comfortable for the rider to put a foot down while at a stop sign.

  • All in your hands
    All in your hands

    Controls are mounted on traditional tubular handlebars mounted on the upper fork triple clamps, and the distance between the front brake lever and the handlebar can be easily adjusted to the rider’s choice of five positions.

  • Integrated design
    Integrated design

    Seen from the rider’s viewpoint, a prominent analog tachometer on the left features an easier to read traditional needle pointing to a numbered scale on a round face. To the right of the tachometer is a back-lit, brightness-adjustable LCD display featuring a large, digital speedometer readout; a gear-position indicator; a coolant temperature gauge; a fuel gauge; a clock; and a selectable odometer/dual-tripmeter. LCD indicator lights built into the silver-accented cluster include a neutral indicator; turn signal light indicators; high-beam indicator; and indicators for oil pressure, Fuel Injection (FI) and immobilizer.

  • Aggressive Styling
    Aggressive Styling

    Light and open radiator side panels and aggressive front bodywork side pieces. A chiselled 17.5-liter fuel tank, and contrasting, textured tank side panels. A well-shaped seat, frame side covers and an angular tailsection with integrated LED taillight. Even the compact turn signals complement the design theme, with carefully shaped lenses that look more like custom pieces than standard parts.

  • Aluminium wheels and floating discs
    Aluminium wheels and floating discs

    The GSR750 features lightweight three-spoke cast aluminum wheels. The front wheel carries two 310mm fully-floating brake discs, with Tokico hydraulic dual-piston calipers. The rear wheel is fitted with a single 240 mm brake disc and a Nissin single-piston caliper.

  • Exhaust System
    Exhaust System

    A Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) servo-controlled butterfly valve positioned in the mid-pipe helps maximise torque, response and acceleration especially at low-to-mid rpm and across varying running conditions, by optimising exhaust system back pressure based on engine rpm, throttle position and gear position. A catalytic converter (or catalyst) is also incorporated into the exhaust system.

  • Single shock rear suspension
    Single shock rear suspension

    A black, rectangular-section steel swingarm is fitted with a KYB single rear shock absorber working through a progressive linkage. The linkage increases damping resistance as wheel travel increases, matching suspension response to the size of road imperfections. A small bump requires less wheel travel and produces lighter damping response, while a larger bump requires more wheel travel and produces effectively stiffer damping response. Shock absorber spring preload is adjustable with a choice of seven positions.

  • Fire power
    Fire power

    The latest transistorized digital ignition system contributes by igniting the mixture in each cylinder at the precise instant needed to produce the most complete combustion, firing advanced Iridium alloy spark plugs. The rare Iridium alloy makes it possible to use a very fine electrode, which provides a more condensed and hotter spark yet lasts much longer than larger electrodes made of more conventional metals.

  • Convenient storage compartment
    Convenient storage compartment

    A compartment underneath the removable passenger seat can carry a U-shaped lock or can be used to store small items, such as a spare pair of gloves or a pair of sunglasses. A convenient grab strap is positioned across the front of the passenger seat.

  • Throttle bodies with Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system contribute to cylinder charging efficiency and combustion efficiency for better throttle response and torque at the low to mid rpm range.
  • Distinctive triangle-shaped muffler with a form-fitting brushed stainless steel heat shield.
  • Well-shaped seat, flanked by stylish frame side covers.
  • A compartment underneath the removable passenger seat can carry a U-shaped lock or can be used to store small items.
  • Bright and distinctively shaped dual-filament halogen-bulb headlight. Integrated dual position lights with patterned blue lenses.
  • The compact turn signals use carefully shaped, custom-look lenses.
  • Frame design combines the advantages of a compact tubular girder street bike frame and a twin-spar sportbike frame to deliver a dynamic ride.
  • A sport riding position, created by a carefully crafted relationship between the handlebars, footrests and seat.
  • Light and open radiator side panels mated with aggressive front bodywork side pieces.

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