The Perfect Start

The 2019 Suzuki DR-Z50 is the ideal way to introduce young beginner riders to the sport of motorcycling. This compact, Japan built mini-bike brings ease and convenience to riders just getting started on two wheels. With an automatic clutch, three-speed transmission, electric starting (with back-up kickstarter), and a low 560mm seat height, this race-styled bike will help build confidence and riding ability for young supervised riders. The 49cc 4-stroke engine delivers a smooth, controllable power band, and adult supervisors can adjust its power level so young riders can learn at a controlled pace. 

This is a motorcycle that can be in the family for years, thanks to its rugged construction and sturdy 10-inch wheels; the Suzuki DR-Z50 combines a reliable engine with high quality running gear that’s built to last. 

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Key Features

  • 49cc 4-stroke engine
    49cc 4-stroke engine

    When Suzuki engineers designed the DR-Z50 the objective was to create an easy and fun bike for children to learn the fundamentals of riding. The 49cc engine offers plenty of torque to deliver the right level of controllable performance for a younger rider.

  • Electric and Kick Start
    Electric and Kick Start

    As Suzuki focussed on simplifying the learning process for young riders, the DR-Z50 is equipped with a push-button electric start and a traditional kickstarter. The capability of two starting systems provides flexibility when teaching children the basics of riding whilst never preventing the fun from starting. 

  • Adjustable brake lever and throttle
    Adjustable brake lever and throttle

    Front brake lever is adjustable to fit various sized hands producing optimum control for young riders. The adjustable throttle limiter allows supervising adult to adjust throttle opening to suit the rider's ability. 

  • Start Lever
    Start Lever

    Conveniently located on the handlebar, the choke lever provides easy accessibility to riders. 

  • An automatic clutch and a smooth-shifting 3-speed transmission put the fun-riding power to the terrain.
  • Chassis designed for user-friendly dimensions and to realize a lightweight electric-starter-equipped machine.
  • Adequately sized with a 560mm seat height for beginners learning to ride or more skilled riders dropping the gate at their local track.
  • Sleek, super-cool race style appearance inherited from its RM-Z big brothers, adorned in Championship Yellow.

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