RM-Z450 2017

2016 AMA Motocross Champion

The 2017 Suzuki RM-Z450 features the Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) system for dominant performance launching out of the gate on virtually any kind of track conditions. After you grab the hole shot, its exceptional power from idle to redline, remarkably crisp throttle response and incredibly precise handling let you dominate the competition. The RM-Z450 — when you’re serious about winning!

Key Features

  • 49mm SHOWA SFF-Air TAC Fork
    49mm SHOWA SFF-Air TAC Fork

    The most advanced fork in motocross, the SFF-Air fork is delivered straight from the factory race bikes. It consists of 3 air chambers that riders can easily adjust by using a hand-held air pump to quickly optimise the bike to the conditions, just like setting your tyre pressures. The three-chamber fork uses an Inner Air Chamber that handles the main suspension reaction force (spring-rate), a smaller Balance Air Chamber opposing the main reaction force, and an Outer Air Chamber that supports the main reaction force.

  • Set-Up Made Easy
    Set-Up Made Easy

    Adjusting the Showa SFF-Air fork on the RM-Z450 has never been easier! Download the SFF-Air Support app from Showa on your Apple or Android device to simulate the effect of various changes to your suspension and let this tool help you find the best possible setting for your RM-Z.
    *Keep in mind that your first and primary source for settings and service information should always be the Suzuki Owner’s Service Manual, so this should be considered an additional help-aid for set-up.

  • S-HAC

    Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) is a selectable launch mode system derived straight from factory race bikes. S-HAC helps the rider in launching from starting gate for an early lead. S-HAC has two selectable modes so riders can choose the best option for the conditions and their skill level.

  • Championship Proven Engine
    Championship Proven Engine

    For race-winning performance, a motocross engine needs to be durable, efficient and powerful. To win championships, that engine needs to come with the experience and know-how that you only get from Suzuki. The 449cm3, 4-stroke liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve fuel-injected engine packs the perfect combination of broad torque and arm-stretching horsepower perfect for today’s racer. 

  • Factory-Inspired Piston
    Factory-Inspired Piston

    A motocross bike's single piston must endure an explosive environment and needs to perform with efficiency and durability. Through feedback from factory racing, the piston and piston pin were developed using Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis. The RM-Z450 piston pin has Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) surface treatment, for less friction and increased durability.

  • The Best Chassis in Motocross
    The Best Chassis in Motocross

    The RM-Z450 features a twin-spar aluminium frame and swingarm that has been developed and refined over the years to achieve the perfect balance between rigidity and flex. It's no secret that Suzuki RM-Zs are known as the best-cornering bikes in motocross.

  • Renthal Aluminium Fatbar
    Renthal Aluminium Fatbar

    Fitted as standard equipment , the top-shelf Renthal aluminium Fatbar offers more strength and less vibration than standard size aluminium handlebars.

  • Rich & Lean Fuel Couplers
    Rich & Lean Fuel Couplers

    Riders can adjust the engine performance to suit varied track conditions. By plugging in either of two additional fuel-setting couplers, riders can opt for a richer-than-stock or leaner-than-stock fuel setting to make the most of any riding conditions. Included with the bike, these couplers can be easily plugged in trackside.

  • New black anodized Excel aluminium rims are made specifically to withstand rugged racing environments, including Supercross, Motocross and off-road conditions
  • Triple clamps are anodized black, complementing the gold fork legs.
  • New competition inspired body panel colours, graphics and seat cover.
  • New gripper seat, with projected cross-shaped patterns on its yellow top surface, aids rider control
  • 449cm3 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve fuel-injected engine developed to deliver phenomenal idle-to-redline thrust.
  • Through feedback from factory racing, the piston, piston pin and connecting-rod are developed with use of Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis.
  • The piston pin has Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) surface treatment, for less friction and increased durability.
  • Lightweight, battery-less, motocross-use electronic fuel injection system with progressive throttle linkage makes for efficient power delivery.
  • 12-hole fuel injector delivers a fine fuel/air mist for efficient operation.
  • Aluminium cylinder with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) coating, built for durability, light weight and efficient heat transfer.
  • Slim chassis design makes for a slim riding position, opening up the cockpit to allow the rider to actively take control of the machine.
  • Showa piggyback-reservoir rear shock with high/low-speed compression damping adjustment, plus rebound damping and spring preload adjustments.
  • The rear shock, working through Suzuki's superlative rising-rate linkage system, provides 310mm of wheel travel, delivering maximum traction.
  • Maintenance cap for fuel pump and plug for fuel hose are enclosed for ease of maintenance when customer removes fuel tank for maintenance purpose.
  • The muffler body uses conventional bolts, instead of rivets to simplify the replacement of muffler's glass wool packing.

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