#MotoWinningDeals 2017 RM-Z250 Ride Away

The championship-caliber 2017 Suzuki RM-Z250 has been carefully developed to deliver a high level of performance by incorporating a variety of features originally created for Suzuki’s factory race bikes. The competition-proven Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) gives riders the best shot at grabbing the holeshot on a wide variety of track conditions, and the specialized KYB PSF2 Pneumatic Spring fork provides both easy adjustability and outstanding action to give the RM-Z250 more precise handling than ever. The remarkable KYB rear shock and the well-sorted aluminium twin-spar frame ensure the razor-sharp handling Suzuki’s are famous for.

  • Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC)
  • 48mm KYB PSF2 Air Fork & KYB Rear Shock
  • More Powerful Engine
  • Rich & Lean Fuel Couplers

#MotoWinningDeals $7,990 Ride Away offer available on MY17 RM-Z250 models purchased during the promotion period. From participating dealers, for a limited time, while stocks last. 

Key Features

  • Mid-range monster
    Mid-range monster

    The RM-Z250s engine has been refined so mid-range power and torque is enhanced while maximum power is maintained. Power delivery is smoother and linear for easier control. More than 80 internal engine parts were redesigned for MY16 and carry over to MY17.  

  • S-HAC

    Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) is a selectable launch mode system derived straight from our factory race bikes. S-HAC helps riders takeoff from the starting gate for an early lead. S-HAC was first introduced last year on the MY15 RM-Z450, and now a refined version is available on MY16/17 RM-Z250 & RM-Z450. There are three modes riders can choose for the best option per their skill level and starting conditions.

  • Three-stage control
    Three-stage control

    Designed for ease of use and maximum control of power to the ground, S-HAC lets you match the engine’s power delivery to the starting conditions. A new, three-stage version of S-HAC fitted to the 2016 RM-Z250 adjusts the ignition map for the initial moment of launch, then re-adjusts timing for the time the motorcycle moves through the starting gate area, then another adjustment is applied during the longer primary acceleration period. 

  • KYB PSF2 front fork
    KYB PSF2 front fork

    New design KYB PSF2 Pneumatic Spring front fork uses air chambers in place of steel springs for light weight, easy adjustability, improved damper performance and smooth action from low friction. Riders can adjust both air forks with one balanced air pressure setting from a hand-pump. Compression damping is adjustable while rebound damping force is both high- and low-speed adjustable.

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