$500 Factory Bonus on 2020 RM-Z250


The 2020 RM-Z250 welcomes the addition of WiFi tuning capability with the introduction of the Suzuki MX-Tuner 2.0.  Standard with every new MY20 RM-Z250 purchased, the plug and play tuner allows customers to alter the engine mapping via the intuitive smartphone WiGET app, available on iOS and Android devices. 

The WiGET app comes with several pre-installed settings for easy tuning for different riding styles and track conditions. For the more experienced tuner, the possibilities are practically endless with the ability to create fully customised maps with specific settings for 36 points of ignition timing and 36 points of fuel injection delivery. 

  • MX Tuner 2.0 WiFi tuning as standard
  • 48mm KYB dual chamber spring fork
  • Dual fuel injection for more top end power
  • Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) as standard

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Key Features

  • Suzuki MX WI-FI Tuner & App
    Suzuki MX WI-FI Tuner & App

    The WiFi enabled 2020 RM-Z250 can be tuned using a phone app that changes the fuel and ignition mapping and performance of the motorcycle for various track conditions. Suzuki’s RM-Z250 and MX Tuner takes full control of the track.

  • More Powerful Engine
    More Powerful Engine

    Center-port cylinder head increases output and throttle response an approximate 5% increase in output.

  • Dual Fuel Injection
    Dual Fuel Injection

    The RM-Z250’s fuel injection system now features two injectors. Instead of using a single injector that can compromise low-end fuelling in order to supply enough fuel for top-end power, the primary injector delivers precise low-rpm fuelling while a secondary injector at higher rpm provides the extra fuel needed.

  • Increased Fuel Pressure
    Increased Fuel Pressure

    Fuel pressure is increased by 17% over the previous model and promotes the effective mixing of air and fuel, resulting in improved throttle response. 

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