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Model code: RM-Z450L3

Cutting-Edge Open-Class Motocrosser

Look deep and you’ll see the championship-inspired upgrades that have been made to the 2013 RM-Z450.

From years of experience helping racers around the world reach the top of the podium, we understand that the power of high-performance engineering is often in the details.

New engines. New SHOWA forks. New exhausts. New frames and more.

Inside and out, Suzuki RM-Z motorcycles are a sight to behold.


Engine Transparency



  • Meeting new FIM sound control, without compromise of engine performance, controllability is increased.
  • Through feedback from factory racing, the piston, piston pin and connecting-rod are developed with use of Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis. New piston is 13% lighter without compromising the strength and rigidity.
  • New piston pin has Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) surface treatment, for less friction and increased durability. Together with lighter piston, mechanical loss is reduced and throttle response is enhanced.
  • New crankcase reed valve is made thinner for more efficient lubrication. New oil strainer has strong magnet to catch more sludge in engine oil. Both contribute to better throttle response and smoother power delivery.
  • Intake cam timing and amount of lift are changed for smooth power delivery and ease of control.
  • Air cleaner outlet tube is reshaped for increased bottom-to-mid range power delivery. Back panel of cleaner box is now made of carbon fiber mixed material, for reduced intake noise.
  • Redesigned Exhaust system: - Meeting new FIM sound control while retaining engine performance with 50mm extended exhaust pipe and redesigned internal parts of muffler body.
  • Redesigned 5-speed transmission with reshaped shift cam, stopper spring and drive shaft results in more solid shift feel, enabling more precise gear shift operation.
  • New fuel pump is made lighter, and revised locking system in connection parts of fuel hose means more precise and easier operation.
  • New muffler body uses conventional bolts, simplifying the replacement of muffler's glass wool packing.
  • All new Separate Function front Fork (SFF) Type 2 from Showa, separating the spring and damping tasks. The right leg contains the spring, while the left leg incorporates the cartridge assembly to manage damping. It results in reduced friction, increased absorption performance and weight saving.
  • Front fork inner tube diameter is increased from 47mm to 48mm, results in optimized stability and absorption. Spring pre-load is now adjustable, allowing wider range of setting.
  • Frame and seat rail are reviewed and refined for optimized rigidity balance. This contributes to higher balance of stability and handling.
  • Dust cover is added on rear axle, for increased water/mud resistant performance.
  • Steering head dust cover is now made of plastic with sealed bearing (previously made of steel cap and rubber seal), lighter component maintains protection from water/mud intrusion.
  • For ease of maintenance, mounting bolt of rear suspension linkage is reshaped to prevent spinning around.
  • New ECM has higher processing performance with optimized setting, and new ignition coil has higher power, both resulting in optimized combustion efficiency and enhanced roll-on performance.
  • For quick fuel setting adjustment, rich-lean coupler connector is relocated for easier access. You can change fuel setting without using tools.
  • Stylish two-tone radiator shrouds with new aggressive graphics accentuate the RM-Z450's agile looks.
  • FI indicator now has hour meter function, indicates how many hours engine ran.


  • 449cm3 4-stroke liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve fuel-injected engine developed to deliver phenomenal idle-to-redline thrust.
  • The fuel-injection system uses technology from Suzuki's championship-winning models - the GSX-R Supersport bikes.
  • Lightweight, battery-less, motocross-use electronic fuel injection system with progressive throttle linkage makes for efficient power delivery.
  • 12-hole fuel injector delivers a fine fuel/air mist for efficient operation.
  • Aluminium cylinder with Suzuki Composite electrochemical Material (SCEM) coating, built for durability, light weight and efficient heat transfer.
  • Link-type shifting system offers smooth transitions through the gears.
  • Slim chassis design makes for a slim riding position, opening up the cockpit to allow the rider to actively take control of the machine.
  • Showa piggyback-reservoir rear shock with high/low-speed compression damping adjustment, plus rebound damping and spring preload adjustments.
  • The rear shock, working through Suzuki's superlative rising-rate linkage system, provides 310mm of wheel travel, delivering maximum traction.
  • Lightweight swingarm helps enhance terrain-traversing performance over bumps.
  • Race-inspired disc rotors offer enhanced cooling performance and efficient mudslinging.
  • Gripper seat, with projected cross-shaped patterns on red-coloured top surface to provide additional grip.
  • For quick fuel adjustment setting to suit riding condition, two couplers are enclosed. One is for rich and another for lean fuel setting compared to stock setting. Customer can change fuel setting to best suit the riding conditions by just connecting either coupler.
  • Maintenance cap for fuel pump and plug for fuel hose are enclosed for ease of maintenance when customer removes fuel tank for maintenance purpose.